just a some weeks please

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Verfasst von Roger Bush (rasanta [AT] gmx . at) am 10. Juli 2003 um 21:30:47:

Als Antwort auf: Bericht Klagenfurt??? verfasst von uncleHo am 10. Juli 2003 um 17:16:13:

hallo alle zusammen!

my 128mb card is now travelling through europe (manfred p÷, phil & pci).
our 64 mb card is still in my digital camera.
i can't put them into the internet, because i don't know how to do it.
i have some very funny pictures on it.
for what exactly are you looking?

shows? games? people or peoples? all pictures are 800x600 pixels (=480.000).

Ing. Reinhard will cancel his job tomorrow, and start a new on monday.

we have formed the
KLF Rasanta Services today, and roger bush is THE MD (master of disaster).

see you in amstetten on the 18.7.2003, or at www.boellerbauer.at (same day-beat for b÷llerbauer).

best regards and the best wishes for the NEW company.com

(a part of KLF Rasanta Services)


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