Juggling Festival Klagenfurt
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    19th Klagenfurt Juggling Festival
      May 22-25, 2008
Capital of Carinthia, Austria's most southern province, close to the Italian border. The festival, mainly an outdoor event, takes place at the area of Stift Viktring, a former monastery located in the south of Klagenfurt.
Address: BRG Klagenfurt-Viktring, Stift-Viktring-Straße 25, A-9073 Viktring.
    How to get there?
    By airplane/train:
      Vienna and Salzburg are international flight destinations. From both towns there are trains going frequently to Klagenfurt (but there is also an airport in Klagenfurt). Catch up your train in Vienna at the train station Südbahnhof (close to the subway station Südtirolerplatz, subway line U1), in Salzburg at the Hauptbahnhof. The train ride will take in both cases about 4 hours.
From the main train station take any bus line (which will be 40, 41 or 42) and change it at Heiligengeistplatz for line 80, or 81 to Viktring. Get off at Siebenbürgengasse. From there it is a short foot walk to Stift Viktring.
Busses from the train station to Heiligengeistplatz are going at least every 20 minutes; the bus from Heiligengeistplatz to Viktring is going every 40 minutes on thursday (holyday in Austria!) (8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.: 10 and 50 min. past the full even hours and 30 min. past the full odd hours, e.g. ... 10:10, 10:50, 11:30...), and on friday every 20 minutes during daytime (8:10 a.m. to 6:50 p.m.: 10, 30 und 50 min. past the full hour), and between 6:50 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.: like thursday.
        By car:
      If you are coming from south, please, check your own road map (you find Viktring in the south of Klagenfurt) and the map below.
Coming from other directions: The main highways to Klagenfurt are the Tauernautobahn and the Südautobahn. In any case, manage to get on the Südautobahn (A2). Leave it at exit Klagenfurt-Wörthersee. Follow the Süduferstraße und then the Ferdinand Wedenigstraße in direction Viktring until you reach Keutschacherstraße. From there either Stift-Viktring-Straße, or Abstimmungsstraße will bring you to Stift Viktring. For more details, please, have a look at the
      Camping on a meadow next to Stift Viktring. (No extra fee to pay, bring your own tent etc.) If you prefer another accomodation, please, contact the organizing team for more information.
    Festival program:
      Thursday: Welcome evening. Friday: Workshops, open stage, fire show. Saturday:parade and games in the morning (in the city of Klagenfurt), workshops in the afternoon. 9 p.m.: public show, Sunday: Jollyball tournament.
      EUR 32,-
(including all festival events, bus transfer to the parade, camping, and one meal)
    Festival folder:
      http://www.jonglieren.at/termine/jonglierfest/klagenfurt08.pdf (158 kB, German only)
      Verein ATIK - Edi Wallisch
c/o PEGAM, Krassniggstraße 29/1
A-9020 Klagenfurt
Phone: 0699 10064663
Email: jonglierfestival@gmx.at
    Tourist information:
      Klagenfurt Tourismus
Neuer Platz 1, A-9010 Klagenfurt
Phone: +43 463 537 2223
Fax: +43 463 537 6218
Email: tourismus@klagenfurt.at
Web: http://www.klagenfurt-tourismus.at/english/
Timetable of trains ÖBB: http://www.oebb.at/pv/en/Servicebox/Train_schedule/
Timetable of busses in Klagenfurt: http://www.mapexplorer.com/stw/
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