Wieserhoisl Juggling Picknick

Wieserhoisl Juggling Picknick 2013


June 28–30, 2013


Deutschlandsberg (Styria)

The juggling festival will take place at the farm "Hof Wieserhoisl", close to Deutschlandsberg, located in the south of Styria. Juggling will happen mainly outdoor, but in case of bad weather an adopted farm building can be used.

Address: Hof Wieserhoisl, Warnblickweg 32, 8530 Deutschlandsberg

How to get there?

By public transport:

First, manage to get to Graz, capital of Styria. From Hauptbahnhof (= main railway station) Graz take a train (operated by GKB) into direction Wies-Eibiswald and get off at Deutschlandsberg. (The train ride will take about 50 minutes.)

From there you have to walk (approximately 1 hour). Take the hiking paths No. 12 and No. 506 respectively. (Eventually, ask somebody for the way to Wolfgangikirche.) The hiking path (the so-called Mariazellerweg) leads directly to the convention site.

(Map: see the festival’s homepage)

Alternatively, ask the organising team for a shuttle service from the train station Deutschlandsberg.

By car:

About 1 hour from Graz. Follow the highway A2 to Klagenfurt, leave it at exit Lieboch. Follow the road B76 to Stainz/Deutschlandsberg (about 22 km). Drive straight through 4 roundabouts in Deutschlandsberg and turn right at the 5th roundabout (direction Glashütten/Weinebene). About 2 km after the the 5th roundabout, before the road begins to rise, turn left following the signs "Wolfgangikirche", "Alpengasthof Gregorhansl", "Wolfgangiweg". After 2 km on a narrow road winding through a forrest you will see the sign "Warnblickweg 32". You're there!

(Map: see the festival’s homepage)


Camping at the convention site. (No extra fee to pay, bring your own tent etc.)

If you prefer another accomodation, Deutschlandsberg provides plenty of rooms.

Food and logistics:

To get to the nearest shops you have to drive by car about 10 minutes. So, better bring along everything you need!

Please note: There will be a bar serving beverages, but – on contrary to the Wieserhoisl offroad conventions in previous years – there will be no catering of meals. You have to take care of your food yourself.

Festival program:

Juggling, workshops on request, campfire, do-it-yourself-barbecue. This year there will be no organised show.


Donate an amount of your choice.

Why is this year no catering and no show?

Please, read the statement of the organising team on the festival’s homepage.

Further information:

Festival homepage:


Festival organisation:

Kulturverein Mai-MUN, Grazer Jonglierverein – Verein für Wurf-, Fang- und Schwungkultur


Tonin & Tina
E-mail: maimun [AT] gmx . at

Tourist information:

About Deutschlandsberg
Train information: Timetable ÖBB, Timetable GKB