Gilligan und Po´s... :)

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Commonly known as the inventor of poi, Gilligan is quick to point out that he did not in fact actually think to swing them. "Its much more interesting, what the kids are doing these days with poi, than what I used to do. For me it was all about seeing how still I could keep them, especially while jogging," Gilligan said. When asked if he has any other inventions up his sleeve, Gilligan tells us that he thinks two innovative ideas in his lifetime may very well be his limit. Two inventions? "Yeah, if you look at these pictures of early poi prototypes, you can see there is just one string held in the right hand. The idea to use my left hand too, and therefore neccessitate another poi (and therefore another invention), came much much later."

▄brigens, peapot hat eine neue Webseite :


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