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Verfasst von Björn Gammelgaard (danish_viking [AT] hotmail . com) am 12. August 2004 um 22:50:27:

Als Antwort auf: Re: Jongeleur Alan Sulc verfasst von Petra am 20. Juni 2004 um 15:26:34:

Hi Petra !

I am a danish juggling & circus fan.

I am going to see the Benneweis show in Skive, and I am also going to ask Alan Sulc for an autograph. If you like, you can e-mail me your message to him, along with your e-mail address. Then I will print it out and pass it over to him.

But you must act quickly : I am leaving for Skive Saturday morning (I am writing this Thursday evening). So you have about 1 day to decide.

I tried to contact you by your e-mail, but that didn´t work.

Kind regards
Björn Gammelgaard, Esbjerg - Denmark

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