Als Bayern noch bei Österreich war...

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Verfasst von Peter (piet2099 [AT] gmx . net) am 26. Dezember 2003 um 11:27:38:

gerade gefunden in einem Posting in rec.juggling wo Luke Burrage die (angeblich) 40 besten Jongleure der Gegenwart vorstellt..

Die ganze Stroy findet ihr hier

Finally we return from the USA to Europe for our 19th most popular
juggler. Austrian Thomas Dietz has been juggling since he was an infant
and if his current skill level is anything to go by he has hardly put down
his props since he started. Not only can this juggling wonder run patterns
like 8 ball half showers and 7 ball cascades with ease he also enjoys
performing seemingly impossible tricks for audiences across the continent.

On the Renegade stage at the European Juggling Convention, Thomas
performed a short routine with 5 glowballs. The compare that night,
knowing Thomas could do much better, asked him how long his 5 ball record
was. The challenge was set at 30 minutes so Thomas took up position on the
edge of the stage and juggled a 5 ball cascade while the rest of the show
continued about him. When half an hour passed there were calls of "One
hour!" from the audience so Thomas obliged. At 1 hour and 35 seconds,
Thomas performed a 5 up pirouette and collapsed on stage from exhaustion.

Of the two people to ever juggle 5 balls for over an hour, one of them
does it on stage. Arise Sir Thomas "One Hour" Dietz.

-cut to interview with title "Mini Mansell - Renegade stage veteran"

"I think that if we get one of those drinks containers that strap to your
back with a pipe to your mouth, and rigged it up on Thomas he could sip
energy drinks all the way through and next year maybe... just maybe... we
can get him to go for 2 hours! That is, if we can find him when he is

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