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Verfasst von ThaiTom6 am 29. März 2014 um 15:36:02:

Als Antwort auf: Juggling in Salzburg verfasst von Alan am 24. März 2014 um 19:28:11:

: Hey guys

: I live in salzburg (hallein) and i'v been juggling for 20 years.
: I would like ( I NEED!!!) some people to juggle with (and go to festivals too). Anything from clubs, contact juggling, fire contact staff, slackline, etc etc.
: Let me know if you are interested. My german is ok.
: My email is

Hi Alan !
In Salzburg and Hallein there is just a small community - but check it on facebook Spielwiese & salzburg Bühne und Zirkusartisten
4 slackline there is a spot in Sportzentrum Rif next to the Rockclimbing Tower and you will find people in Salburg Volksgarten next to Salzbeach (fb)
I am back in a few days from Goa maybe c u around fb Thomas ThaiTom Kalmar
cheers TT

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