Jonglierfestival in Budapest

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Verfasst von Rep Stefan am 21. Juli 2012 um 18:34:43:

Es steht ohnehin im Festivalkalender auf, nur zu Information: Wer zwischen der EJC und Pinzgau noch eine Convention besuchen will, hat dazu in Budapest Gelegenheit! Mehr dazu von Veronika Gallyas und der Hungarian Juggling Association

*10th Hungarian Juggling Convention - 16-19th August 2012, Budapest *

*This year we hold our jubilee 10th Hungarian Juggling Convention. The
odyssey of the past years lead us through some of the most beautiful
scenery Hungary has to offer.*
*From wanderings through Zamárdi, Gyomaendrőd, Dunaújváros and Szarvas, we
now return to where the journey began - Budapest's beautiful Millenáris

We would like to invite all jugglers from Hungary, Europe, the World, in
fact, the entire Universe, to join us in this celebratory meeting of fun,
fire and artistic flux!

Our gathering promises a more open and far-reaching platform than ever
before, with 4 days of workshops and artistic progression opportunities.To
top off the indispensible Gala Show, we will be organising the very first
National Fire Review, where we offer Hungarian juggling formations a new
platform to showcase their
talents to each other and a larger audience. Among the various workshop
programs we'll have a Renegade and Open Stage.

75 hours of juggling and fun!

More info:



Thursday 16.

daytime workshops, volleyclub, jolleystick

15:00 Idea exchange

20:00 Freak Fusion Cabaret

22:00 Operentzia concert circus

Friday 17.

daytime workshops, volleyclub, jolleystick

18:00 - Open stage

20:00 - Circolabor: No return

20:30 - 1. National fire review

22:00 - Renegade

Saturday 18.

daytime workshops, volleyclub, jolleystick

17:00 Volleyclub matchplay

19:00 Gala show

22:00 DJ Turiszt, DJ Pozor

Sunday 19.

10:00-14:00 Yo-yo championship

14.00 Juggling olimpics


Weekend pass with accomodation (mat+sleeping bag) 5800 Ft - 22euro
Weekend pass without accomodation: 4000 Ft
daily ticket: 1200 Ft ( validity: 10a.m-midnight)
saturday daily+gala ticket: 1700 Ft

Accomodation is in a nearby school 5 min walk from the venue - daily acc
600 Ft

We have a deal with a nearby hostel for those want to sleep in bed 6

More details, maps, registration and accomodation booking on the website!!!*

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