Re: Jongleur gesucht!

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Verfasst von jeremo am 05. März 2011 um 17:13:07:

Als Antwort auf: Jongleur gesucht! verfasst von Alex am 12. Jšnner 2011 um 19:37:18:

: Hallo!

I found your request looking forcontacts in austria , I ve recently arrived to austria, since 9 years living and working in spain, maybe for your anzeige its a bit late, well I have lot experiencie working in discos, perfoming alone or with gruops of people, have my own materials light and fire, I have a web site ist not finished(have a little bit problems translating text from spanish to german) but there can see some part of my experience.
Im living in steiermark, but can move go work everywhere.


all the best


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