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Verfasst von Bernd am 13. Juni 2008 um 08:14:13:

Als Antwort auf: Firestaff und DVD gesucht verfasst von Stefan am 11. Juni 2008 um 13:03:13:

soweit ich weis hat mcp gerade ihre neue dvd herraus gebracht:

hier der letzte newsletter

It's Finished! And available for purchase! Yes! Finally! I Know! You can buy it here: or go and check it out on the website:

Buying it direct is best, but other real and online stores you might know and trust will be carrying it soon.

It's got amazing inspiration sequences on it, that even I go back and watch again... they make me think i have to go out and practise more... It's got spinning tutorials, contact tutorials and doubles tutorials, all starting from absolute beginner. And they're the most well made tutorials I could make.

I have explained it as well as I possibly can in this DVD, especially the contact moves cos I loves them. The tutorials are at least ten times better than anything on this site, even the really good ones I made.

Featuring slow motion, freeze frame and multiple angles, not just for coolness value, but concocted to show you in the most obvious way how the moves work and YOU have to move to make them work.

I didn't really like having a PayPal donate button on my site, cos it felt so cheesey, nor have I given in to Google AdWords, so if you maybe liked my free tutorials, learnt a lot and wanted to give something back, you could consider purchasing the DVD... And you get something for your money as well!

Alternatively, you can wait for the Intermediate/Advanced DVD's that I'm in the process of making, about Doubles and Contact exclusively. They're going to be my masterpieces, at least, that's my dream. The final say on Contact... and as for Doubles, covering a huge previously uncovered area, but doubles moves so fast... it's not exactly going to be the final say... :D Can't wait for them to be finished... :D


PS: Probably this will be the first and only newsletter, till I make the other two DVD's...

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